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Outdoor kit for AuroraHub IoT Gateway or any of its variant. It enables to use AuroraHub IoT Gateway in outdoor environments. Outdoor kit contains:

- 1 pcs of IP67 ASA UV-protected plastic box (white-gray color), model WP13-18-5G (see: for dimensions and other details)

- 1pcs of rubber isolation and set of screws for closing the box

- 1pcs of IQRF AN-07 antenna (as a replacement for the original
AuroraHub IoT Gateway "long" IQRF antenna)

- 4pcs of 3M dual-lock re-closable fasteners model SJ3550 (model with increased temperature resistance). Used for attachment AuroraHub IoT Gateway (or other equipment such as power backup, PoE splitter, etc.) into the box. 

AuroraHub IoT Gateway nor any other equipment (not explicitly mentioned here) is not part of this outdoor kit.

AuroraHub IoT Gateway with LoRa


AuroraHub IoT Gateway