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The Unipi Axon S175 is a programmable logic controller (PLC) and gateway, designed to be used as a controller for control, regulation, and monitoring. The S175 model is a specialized variant featuring the TR-76D smart IQRF transceiver, allowing for interoperability with various IQRF devices.


  • smart wireless IQRF transceiver for interoperability with IQRF devices
  • a combination of small size, 10 I/Os and three serial interfaces
  • 3× serial interface (RS485+RS232)
  • integrated industrial computer (quad-core CPU, 1GB RAM)
  • 8GB eMMC onboard memory
  • durable aluminium chassis (IP20), extended operating temperature range
  • installation on DIN rail
  • software openness (powered by OS Linux)



UniPi Axon S175 is a universal PLC featuring all necessary I/O modules and communication interfaces with exception of relay outputs. It comes with digital and analog I/O's, 1-Wire bus, RS232 and RS485 buses while retaining its compact dimensions. That makes the S175 suitable for creating new smaller automation systems or easy integration into already existing systems. 

Inputs & Outputs

4 digital inputs (DI) are designed for reading logical states (true or false), which are represented by levels of DC voltage. That makes them suitable for reading two-state sensors such as switches (on/off), movement sensors (movement/no movement), water level sensors (water present, no water) etc. The software detects logical 1 (true) if the input voltage between given DIx.y and DIGND is between 5-35V. If the voltage is lower than 3.5V, the state is evaluated as 0 (false)

4 digital outputs (DO) are used for controlling two-state devices such as lights, door locks, window blinds etc. Digital outputs on our controllers also feature the PWM (Pulse-width modulation) function, enabling a special type of analog control. Outputs are of the NPN type (open collector) and are able to control devices with voltage up to 50V and up to 750mA load current.

1 analog input (AI) can be used for 0-10V DC voltage or 0-20mA current measuring, making them suitable for reading values from analog sensors such as temperature sensors, pressure meters, tensometers etc.

1 analog output (AO) features two modes - 0-10V DC voltage or 0-20mA direct current. AI serves for control of devices with analog input, such as three-way valves, lighting dimmers etc.

Communication interface

The unit features a pair of RS485 serial lines. This type of serial line most often uses the Modbus RTU protocol. It can be used for communication with a wide variety of devices such as energy meters, touchscreen HMI panels, PLCs from other vendors or our Neuron xS extension modules. The bus can communicate with up to 32 devices with its total length being up to several hundred meters.  

The controller also features a single RS232 serial line for communication between two devices. In automation, it is most often used for communication with HMI displays, various gateways or closed technologies. 

Included is a single 1-Wire bus, using 2 or 3 conductors for communication with simple sensors such as thermometers, humidity meters or light intensity meters. A single bus can communicate with up to 15 sensors with maximum total length of the bus up to 100 meters. 

For network communication, a single 1Gbit Ethernet is provided. 

Software options

Customers can choose from a widee variety of software solutions thanks to the open nature of Axon controllers, and are not limited to a single platform. Available are both professional and open-source solutions.

Aside from commercial platforms, several open-source solutions are available as well. Alternatively, customers can use their own code or implement Axons into already existing software solutions through the use of EVOK open-source API.

Visit this link for supported software overview. 

Other features

8GB eMMC onboard memory provides a high degree of reliability during repeated rewrites compared to systems using memory cards.

All components are protected by a durable anodized aluminium case providing IP20 protection. The unit’s size is 4 DIN modules, DIN rail holder is included in the package. 


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