IQRF interoperable products of IQRF Alliance members.

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IQRF Gateway

IQRF Gateway labeled with IQRF Interoperable is configured for STD+LP network.

IQRF network types

DPA version 4.00 and higher supports coexisting Nodes working in Standard (STD) RF mode with Nodes working in Low Power (LP) RF mode in the same network.

In STD networks only Nodes operating in STD RF mode are allowed.The network is faster (due to the shorter time slot per hop).

In STD+LP networks either Nodes operating in STD RF mode as well as Nodes operating in LP RF mode (power saving) are allowed.The network is about two times slower (due to the longer time slot per hop).

The network type must always be selected on the IQRF Gateway before the network creation (bonding).


IQRF LP Node (working in LP RF mode) labeled with IQRF Interoperable works only in STD+LP networks.

IQRF STD Node (working in STD RF mode) labeled with IQRF Interoperable works either in STD+LP networks or in STD networks.

Initial configuration

(from 20th January 2019)

  • Operating system: IQRF OS v4.03D and higher,
  • DPA v4.00 and higher, in STD or LP mode (depending on the type of a device),
  • access password: initializedby 16 zeros,
  • working channel: not relevant, it will be inherited from the Coordinator.