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GW-WIFI-02A is a gateway for connection between IQRF and WiFi networks, connectable to Internet and allowing remote monitoring, data collection and control of devices in IQRF network.

User specific functionality can be achieved by SW in internal DCTR transceiver, either under the DPA framework with no programming needed, or fully programmable under OS in C language.

Configuration is possible via internal www server (by common web browsers), IQRF IDE or (especially for troubleshooting) via SD card.

GW-WIFI-01 allows local communication with IQRF IDE via USB to configure internal TR module and simply create IQRF networks.

Gateway mode

Direct interconnection between IQRF network and a device on Internet/LAN via UDP channel using proprietary documented application protocol. It is also implemented in IQRF IDE which can be used as a ready to use communication tool.

Datalogger mode

All data incomming from IQRF network is automatically logged in GW (in internal Flash memory).

IQRF Cloud

When the Datalogger is used with IQRF Cloud, the logged data is automatically transmitted to the Cloud server for easy worldwide access. Backward channel (especially to control IQRF end devices from Internet) is supported too.

IQRF DNS server is provided by the IQRF manufacturer. It is intended as a replacement of the Dynamic DNS server for IQRF gateways with Internet connectivity.


  • HTTP client for communication with IQRF Cloud server
  • HTTPS server for remote management
  • UDP server/client for communication with IQRF network
  • DNS client, DDNS supported, IQRF DNS server available
  • SNTP client for getting date and time from Internet
  • DHCP client for automated getting of IP address
  • NBNS server for using names instead of IP addresses
  • RTCC (real time clock/calendar)
  • Firmware upgrade via web server / SD card
  • Upgrade of application in internal TR module via web server / IQRF IDE / SD card
  • DPA and IQRF IDE compatible



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