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The module is designed to measure environmental conditions in urban areas. The device is composed of ten independent sensors measuring air quality, temperature, humidity, pressure, light, noise and dust particles. Inbuilt gas sensors measure carbon monoxide (CO), sulfur dioxide (SO2), ozone (O3) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the air. Selection of these gases was made on the basis of the Air Protection Act (directive 2008/50/EC) describing concentration limits for gases in the air. The set of measurable gases varies according to the range of available electronics-compatible sensor elements.


Module Technical Conditions:

Sensors and ranges:

CO 0….500 ppm (0….617 mg/m3)
NO2 0….20 ppm (0….40,5 mg/m3)
SO2 0….50 ppm (0…141 mg/m3)
O3 0….20 ppm (0….42,3 mg/m3)
Temperature -40….125 °C
Pressure 260…1 260 hPa
Humidity 0….100 %RH


- Illuminance

- Color Temperature

- UV-index


0..16 496 lx

1 000..10 000 K


Noise 0..120 dB

Dust (PM2.5)

- (PM10)

0….1 000 μg/m3

0….1 000 μg/m3


Communication: IQRF, LoRa 868 MHz

Protection: IP 65 for connectors and case connection

Power supply: 230 V; street lighting mode – day powered by a battery (4 Ah) and night powered 230 V

Dimensions: 138 x 190 x 91 mm

Mounting method: on a street lighting column; on a wall

Recommended installation height: 2-4 m